Privacy Policy

All services offered in our store belong to and are managed by our Serra Dermokozmetik ve Medikal Ürünler San. ve Tic. Ltd. company with its registered address at Cumhuriyet Mh. Kazım Orbay Cd. Elysium Residence Bomonti No: 3 İç Kapı No: 73 Şişli, İstanbul.

Our company may collect personal data for various reasons. How the personal data are collected and how they are protected are described below.

Some personal data of subscribers (full name, corporate details, telephone, address or e-mail addresses etc.) are collected by our store as a matter of course through subscription or completion of various forms and surveys in our stores.

Our company may occasionally send campaign details, information about new products or promotion offers to its customers and subscribers. Our subscribers can make all kinds of selections for receiving or rejecting this information at the time of subscription and change these selections from the account details section or make a notification through the link available in the information message sent to them after they login.

During the approval process which is carried out in the store of by e-mail, the personal data communicated by our subscribers to our store electronically shall not be disclosed to third parties beyond the purposes and scope designated in the “User Agreement” concluded with our subscribers.

Our company registers and uses the IP addresses of subscribers in order to identify any system related problems or quick resolution of any problems or disputes which are in connection with the service provided. IP addresses may also be used for defining the users in general and collecting comprehensive demographic data.

Except the purposes and scope designated in the Subscription Agreement, our company may use the requested information for the purpose of direct marketing either by it or third parties with whom it is in cooperation. Personal data may also be used for making contact with user, if required. The information requested by our company or provided by a user or the information related to the transactions performed through our store may be used by our company or the persons with whom it is in cooperation in various statistical assessments, establishment of a database or market researches without disclosing the identity of our subscribers also beyond the purposes and scope designated under the “Subscription Agreement”.

Our company guarantees to keep any confidential data as a secret, regard third as a confidentiality obligation, take all required precautions and make its best efforts to ensure and maintain confidentiality and prevent all or some confidential information from becoming public knowledge, being used in an unauthorized manner or disclosed to a third party.

Credit Card Security

Our company prioritizes the security of the credit card holders who are doing shopping from our shopping sites. Your credit card details are not stored in our system in any way.

There are two points to consider to understand that you are in a safe website when you commence the transactions. One of them is a key or lock symbol shown at the lowest line of your browser. This indicates that you are in a safe website and all your data are protected by way of encryption. These data can be used only in connection with the sales transactions process and in accordance with your instruction. The credit card details used at the time of shopping are encrypted with 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol independently from our shopping site and transmitted to relevant bank for inquiry. If the usability of the card is approved, the shopping process is maintained. Because of the fact that no data can be viewed or recorded by us, access to such data by third parties is prevented.

The reliability of the payment/invoice/delivery address and such other information related to orders placed online by a credit card is audited by our company against Credit Card Fraud. For this reason, it is firstly required to confirm the financial and address/telephone details of the customers who place an order in our shopping sites for the first time in order for them to be able to reach to the supply and delivery phase. The customer who is the holder of the credit card or relevant bank is contacted with for the confirmation of these data, if necessary.

The information you provide at the time of subscription can be accessible and changed only by you. It is impossible for others to access to or change your information if your safely protect your subscriber login details. For this purpose, the procedures are followed within 128 bit SSL security area during the subscription processes. This system is an international encryption standard which is impossible to be hacked.

Such online shopping sites that have an information line or customer services and contain mailing address and telephone details are currently preferred more. In this way, you can get detailed information about all questions in your mind and obtain healthier information about the reliability of the firm which provides online shopping service.

Note: We recommend you to pay attention if the mailing address and phone number of the firm are available in online shopping sites. Write down all telephone/address details of the store from which you buy a product before doing shopping. If you do not trust in the site, confirm by a phone call. All our corporate details and address information are available in all our online shopping sites.

Security of Credit Card Information in Mail Order

Your identifying and credit card information to be sent to us shall be kept by our company in accordance with the privacy principle thanks to the mail order method for credit cards. This information is kept for 60 days against any probable objections to the bank for withdrawal from the credit card and then destroyed. In the event that any amount is withdrawn from your card except the cost of the mail order form approved by you which will be sent to us in return for the cost of your ordered products, this does not pose a risk because you can naturally raise an objection against the bank and prevent the payment of such amount.

Third Party Websites and Applications

Our store can broadcast the links of other sites in its website. Our company does not assume any liability for privacy practices of the sites which are accessed by such links and the contents thereof. The advertisements broadcasted in our website are distributed to our users through our business partners engaging in advertisement. The principles of the Privacy Policy in this agreement are applicable only for the usage of our store and do not cover third party websites

Exceptional Circumstances

In the following limited circumstances, our company may disclose users’ information to third parties beyond the provisions of this “Privacy Policy”. These situations include and are limited to:

1. Compliance with the applicable laws, legislative decrees, directives and such other rules of law which are enacted and brought into force by competent judicial authorities;

2. Fulfilment of the requirements of the “Subscription Agreement” concluded by our store with users and other agreements and putting the same into practice;

3. Meeting the request of information about users by competent administrative and judicial authorities for proper performance of a research or investigation,

4. Necessity for users to provide information in order to protect their rights and ensure their security.

E-Mail Security

Never type your credit card number or passwords in your e-mails to be sent to our Customer Services with respect to any order. The information provided in e-mails can be viewed by third parties. Our company may guarantee the security of the information provided in your e-mails under no circumstances.

Browser Cookies

Our company may obtain information about users visiting our store and their website usages through a technical communication file (cookie). Such technical communication files are small text files sent to the browser of the user by a website for storage in the main memory. Technical communication file stores the website related status and preference information and facilitates Internet usage.

Technical communication file assists to obtain statistical data about the number of individuals visiting the website, purpose and number of visits and the time spent therein and to produce dynamic advertisement and contents from the user pages specifically designed for users. Technical communication file is not designed to get any data or obtain any other personal data from the main memory or your e-mail. The majority of the browsers are designed so that they will initially accept the technical communication file. However, users can adjust the settings in such a manner that a technical communication file will not be received or a warning will be sent when a technical communication file is sent.

Our company may revise the provisions of this “Privacy Policy” at any time by broadcasting the same in the website or sending an electronic mail to users. If the provisions of the Privacy Policy are revised, they take effect on the date of broadcast.